Good News: Deerma’s Testing & Evaluation Center is Accredited by the CNAS as a National Laboratory


Focus on Professionalism

The Testing and Evaluation Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center) is located within Deerma Park, covering an area of about 1,500 square meters. The Center boasts more than 100 pieces (sets) of internationally leading equipment, which enables it to conduct over 30 tests. The center mainly tests the safety, performance, electromagnetic compatibility and reliability of a range of products and their components, such as vacuum cleaners, beauty products, humidifiers, electric irons, water purifiers, electric kettles, and blenders.

As required by CNAS-CL01, the Center has established a stringent quality control system containing 112 procedures and operating instructions; the center also participates in the national proficiency testing program on a regular basis and implements internal control through personnel comparisons and quality control samples to maintain high technical levels.


Evaluation Process

From April 26 to 28, 2021, an expert panel entrusted by the CNAS carried out a three-day on-site evaluation of the center according to the standards of national laboratories. The expert panel evaluated the overall management levels and technical capabilities of the center in an authentic, standard, and effective manner through inspecting the overall environment of the laboratory, checking records of when test instruments were used and calibrated, browsing test reports, test and training records, internal audit reports, and management reviews, and making inquiries on site.

After three days of strict evaluation, the expert panel applauded the management system and technical capabilities of the Center. Meanwhile, the expert panel put forward constructive suggestions on such aspects as how to improve the technical verification capability, new employee quality supervision, and quality control procedure of the laboratory. No major violation of the established rules and standards was found during the evaluation process.


Still A Long Way to Go

The Center has grown into a nationally recognized testing and evaluation center equipped with standardized management systems, a complete range of hardware and software, and outstanding technical capabilities. This achievement is attributed to the Group’s strong support and investment, reflecting the Group’s determination and courage to make “superb products.”

The Center is expected to contribute to the operation of the entire value chain of Deerma Group. It will provide important decision-making bases for the planning and development of new products; take the lead in formulating and amending national/industry/association standards to further enhance the status of the group in the industry and play a leading role in upgrading relevant techniques; explore the advantages of new products from a professional perspective, inform consumers of perceivable selling points, provide powerful and effective endorsement, and supervise marketing copy to eliminate false publicity and other marketing risks. All these efforts will be made to help Deerma Group build itself as a reliable brand trusted by consumers around the globe.

Taking the CNAS certification as a new starting point, the Center will keep up with the transformation pace of the Group and constantly improve the management and testing levels of the laboratory, with the aim of providing better services for the R & D, design, manufacturing, and quality control of Deerma Group!


What is the CNAS?

The CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment is the national accreditation body in China established under the approval of the CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration) and authorized by the CNCA in accordance with the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Certification and Accreditation. The CNAS is responsible for the accreditation of certification organizations, laboratories, and inspection bodies.

China’s national accreditation system of conformity assessment has been integrated into the Multilateral Recognition Arrangement, in which it takes a critical position and plays an important role. As the most authoritative accreditation body in China, the CNAS features long evaluation periods, strict conditions, and high accreditation quality. Therefore, all testing laboratories accredited by the CNAS are proven to have sufficient technical capabilities to provide testing services in accordance with the corresponding accreditation criteria.

Written by: Xie Yimin

Edited by: Zhou Chunxiu

Good News: Deerma’s Testing & Evaluation Center is Accredited by the CNAS as a National Laboratory
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