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Jingrun Humidifier
Deerma’s talented design team takes inspiration from oases in the desert, adopting vintage green, transparent shell and streamline structure and breaking the rigid appearance of home supplies; 5L large capacity, meeting your need of humidifying from morning to night and providing a constant moisturized environment; with 300mL/h large mist volume and wide supply range, getting rid of dry and let you enjoy the cool and cozy room
Natural oasis providing multiplied freshness, and creating a cool and moisturized room environment
Bringing the oasis home and enjoying the comfort and moisturized environment at home
Transparent water tank design, so that dirt can be spotted easily
A new tone of vintage green is adopted, and a crystal and transparent water tank is configured, which is not only aesthetic but also practical, with this design, you can observe the internal condition, and easily spot dirt.
Seamless ultrasonic welding, featured by aesthetic appearance and leakproof
Instead of the adhesive process, a new technology of ultrasonic welding is adopted, so that the transparent water tank can be seamlessly fitted with the bottom of the humidifier body, which is both aesthetic and practical.
300mL/h large mist volume, providing you with a moisturized summer
5L large capacity, ensuring uninterrupted humidifying
5L capacity is equivalent to 20 bottles of mineral water (250mL). Humidifying can last for a whole day with only one refilling, saving you the trouble of frequent refilling.
2 mist volumes available at your choose
Press the button to adjust the mist volume, Volume I can meet the requirement of daily humidification, while Volume II provides you with ocean-like vigorous moisturization, and it is suitable for all seasons.
Purification and dust filtration
A dense dust filter is arranged at the air inlet, which effectively filters dust particles and impurities, and ensures fresh and clean water mist output.
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a humidifier, a user's manual (with a certificate of conformity)