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Smart Wi-Fi distillation humidifier
Introducing the innovative distilled water system. Water is first distilled into pure water at high temperature, and then atomized for humidifying, in this way, it can kill 99.9% of bacteria in the water can be killed, releasing nano water vapor and meanwhile preventing calcium and magnesium ions in the water from volatilization, free of bacteria and limescale pollution.
Distillation at 100℃ for sterilized humidification, free of bacteria and limescale pollution.
Smart Wi-Fi control, you can turn on the vacuum cleaner at any time and any where
Innovative distillation humidifying, realizing 99.9% sterilization rate at 100°C high temperature
With the 100°C distilled pure water system, the water is firstly distilled into pure water and then atomized for humidifying, with a sterilization rate reaching up to 99.9%, so that tap water can be used directly without bacteria and impurities pollution.
The mist volume reaches up to 680mL/h, which is greatly higher than a common humidifier, realizing instant and rapid humidifying.
A top-mounted circular cooling ring is configured, so that the warm mist supplied can provide you with a cozy and moisturized experience.
The distilled water mist shall first pass through the air cooling ring for cooled down before being delivered. In this way, the temperature can be reduced to avoid accidents, and the warm mist can be delivered into the air for circulating moisture within the room
By connecting to MIJIA APP Remote control, remote control at any time can be realized
All humidification functions can be realized and controlled via MIJIA APP, besides this product can also interconnect with other MIJIA products
Convenient top filling design, with 10 humidification options
Without needing to twist off the cap of the water tank, you can refill the water tank by using a cup. Functions including constant humidity, strong mode, infant mode, 4-step timing, 3 mist volumes are available
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distilling humidifier (Electric humidifier)
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a humidifier, a user's manual, a certificate of conformity