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Flying dust, bad tools, time-consuming and low efficient...... are the cleaning difficulties that many people may encounter. Deerma’s side cyclone filtration vacuum cleaner provides strong suction that captures the dust, with Light and multi-purpose handle and with an explosive high suction reaching up to 15kPa, providing you a new cleaning experience.
Novel side cyclone filtration, never miss any dust particles
Constant strong suction, without backflow and tail gas
Handheld and handspike configurations
A floor brush, an adapter suction nozzle, a triangular brush and three brush heads are provided, you can change between handheld and handspike configurations to meet different application requirements and have an easy whole house cleaning experience.
15kPa large suction
15kPa explosive strong suction, never miss any garbage, large or small, making your home bright and clean.
Side cyclone air filtering duct for persistent strong suction
The side cyclone dust duct can filter out large-size garbage, avoiding blocking, and ensuring constant strong suction.
Thin floor brush for deep cleaning
The floor brush is thin enough to reach the bottom of furniture, and is able to rotate flexibly at corners of walls, leaving no cleaning dead corner.
3-Stage sealed filtration
By passing through triple filters including the side cyclone filter, the filter cotton and the HEPA filter element, dust and gas will be separated, fine dust will be captured, and the tail gas will be filtered and cleaned.
Split dust bucket for easy dumping
The dust cup is detachable, with a large capacity of 0.8L, it can store large amount of garbage, thus saves you the trouble of frequent damping, and ensures your smooth cleaning.
technical specifications
Product name
Product name: vacuum cleaner
Rated voltage/frequency
Rated power
Vacuum degree
Dust bucket capacity
Packing list
a vacuum cleaner, tube fittings, a floor brush, a brush, a flat nozzle, a user’s manual, a warranty card, and a certificate of conformity.