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The vacuum cleaner adopt the lightweight design, applying the Archimedes lever principle, the dust cup, the filtration system and other important parts are arranged at either the upper or lower part of the handle, so that it has a small size just like a broom, you can easily hold it in one hand for whole house cleaning. Three brush heads are provided for classified cleaning, make every corner of your home dustless.
2-in-1 handheld and handspike configuration, cleaning your home with single hand
Easily cleaning every corner of your house
1Kg lightweight main body
Applying the Archimedes lever principle, and adopting low gravity center design, the main body is only 1kg, even a small-size girl can operate the vacuum cleaner with single hand.
Handheld and handspike configurations
Two truckles are provided on the floor brush for easy moving to vacuum the floor; the handheld configuration is provided for furniture cleaning, meeting your various cleaning requirements
3 cleaning brushes
Three cleaning brushes including a floor brush, a long and flat nozzle, and a triangular brushes are provided, never miss a single dust particle in any corner.
12kPa strong suction
A pure copper motor is configured, which provides 12kPa strong suction, easily vacuuming every dust particle in your house.
HEPA fine dust filter
A HEPA filter is provided to filter dust, smoke, pollen, hair and other pollutants, and exhaust from sides without blowing your face, saving you from all worries.
1.2L large capacity dust cup
The split dust cup design is adopted, which facilitates dust cup emptying, 1.2L large capacity, meeting the requirement of large house cleaning without requiring frequent dust cup emptying.
technical specifications
Product name
vacuum cleaner
Rated voltage/frequency
Rated power
Dust cup capacity
Vacuum degree
Packing list
a vacuum cleaner, a floor brush, a flat nozzle, a handle, a round brush, a user’s manual, a warranty card, and a certificate of conformity