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Qinjing dual-purpose vacuum cleaner
Wired Vacuum Cleaner
Black and gold providing stunning appearance, upright and low gravity center structure is adopted, with most weight concentrated at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, releasing wrist pressure. Both handspike and handheld configurations are available for your selection, meeting the requirement of different cleaning scenarios. 12kPa strong suction, never miss a single dust particle in your house, being your home cleaning expert!
Lightweight, easy to lift, small size and fast cleaning, one cleaner for whole house cleaning
The low gravity center structure is adopted, realizing easy cleaning.
Handheld and handspike configurations available, ensuring flexible cleaning
One cleaner for two applications, the handspike configuration is suitable for ceramic tiles and wood floor vacuuming, and deep gap cleaning; while the handheld configuration is suitable for cleaning the surface of sofa and other furniture, selecting appropriate configuration and clean wherever you want.
Strong suction, never miss a single dust particle
A high-speed pure copper power motor is configured, which ensures low loss for long-time use, provides 12KPa strong suction, never miss a single dust particle.
3 brush heads, meeting the cleaning requirement of every corner
For the standard configuration, 3 multi-purpose brush heads are provided, the floor brush is suitable for floor cleaning, the flat nozzle is suitable for corner and gap cleaning, and the round brush is suitable for cloth furniture cleaning, meeting the cleaning requirement of the whole house.
Three-stage filtration, free of secondary contamination
The three-stage filtration system is composed of a dust cup, a HEPA filter and a dust filtering sponge, which realizes dust-air separation and step-by-step dust filtration and ensures clean and fresh exhaust.
Washable filter screen, reducing consumables
All the dust cup, the HEPA filter screen and the clean dust filtering sponge can be removed for cleaning, and reused to reduce consumables consumption; and regular cleaning of the same can avoid air duct blockage and ensure the vacuuming performance.
Small size and light weight, easy for storage
Black and gold appearance, stunning appearance, small size, this vacuum cleaner makes cleaning easier, and it is easy for storage when not being used.
technical specifications
Product name
handspike vacuum cleaner
Vacuum degree
Rated voltage
Rated power
Power cord length
Dust cup capacity
Net weight
Packing list
a vacuum cleaner, a handle, a flat nozzle, a floor brush, a round brush, a user’s manual, a warranty card, and a certificate of conformity.