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Side cyclone filtration vacuum cleaner
Wired Vacuum Cleaner
Strong suction, various configurations for multiple purposes and lightweight for easy cleaning. Deerma side cyclone vacuum cleaner supports both handheld configuration and handspike configuration. The whole vacuum cleaner is only 2.2kg, complete whole house cleaning easily just like taking a walk.
A new means of mite removal and dust filtration, bring you a new cleaning experience
Complete whole house cleaning easily just like taking a walk
Handheld and handspike configurations
A floor brush, an adapter suction nozzle, a triangular brush and three brush heads are provided, you can change between handheld and handspike configurations to meet different application requirements and have an easy whole house cleaning experience.
Side cyclone air duct
The side cyclone dust duct can filter out large-size garbage, avoiding blocking, and ensuring constant strong suction.
Configured with powerful motor
The powerful motor provides strong suction, capturing ever piece of surface garbage, dust as well as well hidden dust mite.
Thin floor brush for deep cleaning
The floor brush is thin enough to reach the bottom of furniture, and is able to rotate flexibly at corners of walls, leaving no cleaning dead corner.
Visualized dust cup
Condition inside the dust cup can be checked at a glance, the push button design is adopted for fast detaching, the dust cup is washable and reusable after cleaning and drying, no consumable items are required.
Multi-angle ergonomic handle
There are 2 holding ways, and it’s easy to grip from any angle; instead of bulky structure, this vacuum cleaner adopts the lightweight design.
technical specifications
Product name
side cyclone filter vacuum cleaner
Product model
Rated power
Working voltage
Dust bucket capacity
Power cord length
Net weight
Packing list
a floor brush, a vacuum cleaner, an adapter, a flat nozzle, a brush, a user’s manual, and a warranty card