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Qingyu wireless vacuum cleaner
Cleaning vacuum cleaner
It won IF Design Award (Germany) and K-design award (Korea), conveying the aesthetics of science and technology and achieves amazing aesthetic appearance. The vacuuming performance is significantly improved, with the power increased by 60% and the suction force reaching up to 9000Pa; an upgraded vacuuming + mopping floor brush is provided and the wireless design realizes free vacuuming, never miss a single dust particle!
Upgraded power and suction force for better vacuuming effect
Optimize the vacuuming performance so as to provide you with a better cleaning experience
Upgraded vacuuming performance
The power is increased by 50% and the suction force reaches up to 7000Pa, it never miss any dust particles in gaps and is able to deal with all kinds of household garbage, bringing you a better vacuum cleaning experience.
Upgraded floor brush for both mopping and vacuuming applications
The spiral brush is configured with a bottom scraping strip, realizing 3000 times of deep brush per minute, vacuuming and mopping the floor simultaneously, suitable for effective cleaning of the carpet, floor and tile cracks, etc.
Internationally certified appearance
It won the IF Design Award (Germany) and K-design Award of Asia, a perfect combination of appearance and function make it an ideal gift for you, for your relatives, friends or colleagues.
Lightweight body for easy cleaning
The vacuum cleaner adopts light-weight design, and the weight of the main body is < 1kg, lighter than 3 cans of Coke; for either ground cleaning or ceiling cleaning, you can hold the vacuum cleaner and complete the cleaning with single hand.
Wireless design without distance limitation
The wireless design is adopted, solving the problems of twisted power cord and limited cleaning radius, meeting the requirement of large house cleaning
Patented internal cyclone purification
With the patented internal cyclone purification system, fast dust-air separation can be realized, and with the HEPA fine filter, 0.3μm dust particles can be filtered out, ensuring clean exhaust gas.
technical specifications
Product name
handheld wireless vacuum cleaner
Rated voltage
Battery capacity
Vacuum degree (high/standard)
up to 9kPa/up to6.5kPa
Dust cup capacity
Charging time
about 5.5 hours
Battery life
about 20 min/13 min
Net weight
Packing list
a vacuum cleaner, a hose fitting assembly, a floor brush (include an electric roller brush), a 2-in-1 crevice flat nozzle, a small brush, an adapter, a user’s manual, and a certificate of conformity