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Vacuuming+mopping wireless vacuum cleaner
Cleaning vacuum cleaner
This model has won the Red Dot Design Award (Germany) , which combines the functions of vacuuming and mopping, completing vacuuming and mopping tasks at one time; the latest brushless motor and the energy-gathered cell are introduced, which improves two key performances for vacuuming including the suction force and the battery life, ensuring smooth and unlimited vacuuming experience, vacuuming at any time and keep your home clean and tidy.
Combining vacuuming with mopping, providing double cleaning floor
A wireless vacuum cleaner with the mopping function
This model has won 2020 Red Dot Design Award (Germany)
In virtue of the simple but stunning design and featured by practical and light weight, VC01 wireless vacuum cleaner has won 2020 Red Dot Design Award (Germany).
Upgraded design combining vacuuming with moping
Innovated vacuuming +moping 2-in-1 design, front end vacuuming and rear end mopping, which completes the vacuuming and mopping work together at one time, saving your time and energy.
200mL magnetic water tank
200mL large capacity water tank is provided, ensuring even and slow water supply and meeting the cleaning requirement of large houses. Disinfectant can be added into the water tank for disinfection during mopping. The magnetic attachment design is adopted which facilitates quick switching between vacuuming and mopping.
Upgraded brushless motor
Upgraded powerful brushless motor is configured, which increase the suction by 40%, with a vacuum degree reaching up to 12KPa, realizing fast and deep vacuuming.
Upgraded to incorporate an energy-gathered battery
The battery life is prolonged to 45min, i.e., increasing by 50% than the previous, realizing smooth and uninterrupted cleaning; the smart BMS battery management protection is provided to reduce battery loss and prolong the service life of the battery.
Novel Type-C fast charging
Novel Type-C fast charging, you can charge the vacuum cleaner with a mobile phone charger, a battery bank or vehicle-mounted socket.
technical specifications
Product name
handheld wireless vacuum cleaner
VC01 max
Rated voltage
Rated power
Lithium battery capacity
Charging time
Battery life
standard≥45min, high≥20min
Dust cup capacity
Vacuum degree
standard: up to 8kPa, high: up to 12kPa
Net weight
Packing list
a vacuum cleaner, a hose fitting assembly, a floor blush assembly, a water tank assembly, a mop, a 2-in-1 flat nozzle, a small brush, a charging cable, and a user’s manual